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Open Joint-Stock Company "SALEO-Gomel"
It was founded in August 2014 on the basis of JSC "Gidroprivod" and is one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulics in the Republic of Belarus. JSC "Gidroprivod" was included in the holding company "Saleo".
* JSC "Gidroprivod" was founded on April 28, 1961 *

Today, the company produces a control-regulating hydraulic equipment for tractors and mobile equipment, hydraulic and hydraulic complete, embedded and modular equipment for the purpose of machine tools, transfer lines and modular equipment for industry and agriculture.

The main consumers are OJSC «Minsk Tractor Works», OJSC «Gomselmash», OJSC «Bobruisk Tractor Parts and Units», as well as enterprise-producers of agricultural and mobile equipment, general engineering companies, manufacturers of universal and specialized machine tools Belarus, CIS and other countries.

Availability of certification STB ISO 9001-2009 «Quality Management System» guarantees high quality products.
Modern equipment, flexible technology and, above all, qualified personnel to produce a wide range of products and to produce by global standards.